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Optimized Sales Performance with an ROI Focused Sales Process

Optimized Sales Performance with an ROI Focused Sales Process


Executing with proven and cohesive processes, and utilizing sales best practices is a critical part of improving sales effectiveness. We advise, coach, mentor and train in several areas such as: channel strategy, messaging, sales process, deal strategy, competitive analysis and financial/roi concepts for sales teams.

Best practice group workshops are offered in 1/2, 1, and 2 increments and customized for the participating audience. Workshops include:

  • Sales ROI Workshop (1 day)
    • Helping salespeople analyze the financial and operational considerations that prospects care about.
    • Understanding ROI and how to identify and craft ROI with impa


  • Finance 101  Workshop for Sales Individuals (1 day)
    • Addressing the language and tools of finance for effective communications by sales individuals and managers


  • Business Toolkit Basics Workshop (1/2 day)
    • An introduction to several business tools used as a guide and reference for solving a wide range of business problem


  • Entrepreneurs Workshop (1 day)
    • Covering the basic skills every entrepreneur needs to start and manage a new and/or small business


  • Operations Workshop (1 day)
    • Covering Lean and Six Sigma tools and techniques critical to production effectiveness and efficiency on the factory floor and in the high throughput office



“The ROI Driven Sale” provides proven sales practices that utilize financial concepts that demonstrate how to build trust, value and ROI while establishing an impactful business case leading to improved sales performance.



“It is Broke, Fix It. A comprehensive business toolkit” by David Connaughton, International Business Consultant and President of

This book focuses on: Financial Concepts; Business Operations and Project Management; Quality and Operating with Lean Principles.



Each Workshop provides focused learning on one or more topics and includes a copy of the book and a companion CD with over 12 high impact tools (spreadsheet, ppt, and word), designed to give each participant best practice tools which are highly effective and easy and to use during the execution of your sales process and business improvement initiatives.

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