PR Services

Dedicating resources to PR can make a significant impact on a company’s success, through building the exposure and thought leadership necessary to convert prospects into customers. There are also many approaches to engaging in a PR program. You can simply start with placing a focus on content development or you may want to execute on a broader PR strategy that brings together several PR components. There are many options. You decide what’s right based on your business stage…. or we can guide you.


Core elements for a typical Kickoff / Program often include:

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– Plan Development

– Message Refinement

– Editorial Launch

We will tailor a program, large or small, that meets your needs. A brief overview of PR Services are below (also See Jennifer Meyer bio):

  • Strategic PR Plan Development and CounselPR tactics are only effective when they are undertaken as part of a broader strategy. SOA evaluates your current PR/marketing assets (including company/market positioning) and recommends the right approach for your business.


  • Message Development and Media Training – Having the right messaging is a fundamental component to a company’s success. Whether you fine-tuning your messages or are starting off fresh, SOA works with its clients on message development exercises, resulting in impactful messaging that resonates with core audience(s). Further, we aid you in clearly articulating the message through media training sessions designed to help executives effectively communicate when delivering the company message to prospects and customers.


  • Company and Product Announcement Support – When you feel you are ready to issue an announcement tied to your first product/service, new products/services and/or customer and company momentum (among other releases), SOA offers media relations resources to ensure you are getting the right level of support (and coverage) for your announcement. Development of press releases is also included.


  • Copywriting – Creating the right type of content is critical to a company’s reputation and driving thought leadership. SOA offers writing services related to blogs and other marketing documents. Further, SOA assists with the development of byline and column content for placement in media outlets.


  • Social media strategy/content creation (Twitter, blogs, LinkedIn, Facebook, etc.) – Having a presence across social media channels plays a significant factor in a company’s ability to engage with its customers, prospects and partners. SOA offers strategy related to social media, while developing, publishing and monitoring social media content.


  • Core Media Relations – Outside of news, a regular drumbeat of media activity plays an important role in driving thought leadership for a company. SOA offers resources focused on:
    • Outreach to reporters/editors for planned and proactive editorial features
    • Pursuit of commenting campaigns, positioning executives/founders for comment on industry developments
    • Securing and moderating media briefings to ensure optimal coverage


  • Analyst Relations – Securing third-party validation for early stage companies plays an important role in a company’s success. SOA aids in securing briefings/references with influential members of the analyst community.


  • Customer Reference Programs and Case Study Development – Testimonials tied to customer success play a critical role in a company’s ability to illustrate a product or service’s value proposition. SOA assists in securing customer references, as well as developing customer testimonials for use in prospecting efforts.


  • Speaking and Awards Opportunities Programs – Another important aspect toward driving a company’s thought leadership is the pursuit of speaking opportunities and industry awards (executive, product or customer focused). SOA helps you identify the opportunities that are important in your market, while also assisting with the submissions themselves.

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