Services Overview

Sales and Operations Advisors,  offers advisory and project-based services associated with improving the effectiveness of your organization’s ability to generate and grow revenue. Client specific needs dictate where help is needed. Usually focused on the Sales Operations (inside, direct, channel) and the many facets these groups must be skilled at. We also work closely with Marketing to insure alignment and sound Go-to-Market strategies are also in place. Duration is based on client need (day, week, or longer term).
Services include:Consulting circular concept with colors and star
Interim VP Sales, CEO/Pres
Sales Enablement & Operations Assessments:
  • Sales Team / Staff
  • Sales Planning / Process / Strategy
  • Territories
  • Channel Structure
  • Sales & Marketing Integration / Target Markets
  • Value Propositions
  • Compensation Plans
Sales Strategy / Methodology – does your sales strategy need more focus?

Q: Does the sales team have sound selling strategies on every opportunity?

Q: Is buying information missing… or messaging not bought into, leading to unwanted surprises or delayed decisions?

Q: Is your close ratio lower than it should be? Your team may greatly benefit by having a sales methodology in place. Skills focused or Opportunity focused? Challenger, SPIN, Strategic Selling, Solution Selling, Targeted Account Selling are examples of tools that can help organize sales strategies which when practiced make measurable differences.

Channels – prepare to Scale – what is the most effective distribution channel for your business? Is it through partners, direct, inside sales, or web presence?
Value Proposition & ROI Development – is your Value Prop impactful? Does the Economic Buyer believe the Value Prop? also see our workshops, one is focused on creating ROI’s with impact.

Q: Does it need more refinement?Chalkboard - Strategy

Sales Cycles & Sales Hygiene – the sales cycle is comprised of milestone steps. The challenge is not following the steps, but rather having the discipline to excute it effeciently and apply best practices on each and every step (hygiene) to execute it effectively.  It’s alot about understanding the industry, the clent business and applying the proper business acumen, throw in thought leadership and challenger discussions along with selling value. When executed effectively they can make all the difference between getting the order or not.
Making Rain – are you getting to VITO / CXO? – are you gaining access to the buying organization senior mgt levels? does your team have the tools to get to and continue to keep VITO engaged?
Marketing – Lead Generation / Social Marketing / Public Relations – how are you filling the pipeline?

Q: How qualified are your leads? Q: Are you using Social Media effectively to create visibility?

Training – in addition to SOA’s sales guidance on best practices, we also offer Business Concept Workshops. One is specifically focused on Solution – Return on Investment – development, creation, presentation and impact.  Sales ROI’s are key to value selling. We offer this ROI workshop through our partner This and other workshops (listed below) deliver understanding of critical Business concepts, and practical Know-how with excel-based Tools that come with each workshop. Each is intended to ROI_Driven_Sale_CDenhance every employees’ understanding of key business practices that help them contribute more positively to the overall productivity of the business. All workshops include the book: “It Is Broke, Fix It!, The Comprehensive Business Improvement Toolkit” and CD supplement containing 20+ Excel based tools that empower attendees with actionable tools following the workshops.
  • Operational Business Concepts – 1/2 day
  • Entrepreneur’s Workshop – 1 day
  • Manufacturing Operations Workshop – 1 day
  • Financial Analysis & Tools Workshop – 1 day
  • Sales ROI Workshop – 1 day
Collectively these provide effective practices leading to improved sales, marketing, revenue and business growth. See bio on ROI-Team’s David Connaughton.