Determining what’s working (or not working) effectively can be challenging to surface in your own organization. When uncovered it can lead to enhancement of processes and practices enabling major gains in performance. As a part of organizational leadership, we are always seeking ways to improve. Observing operational performance and seeking internal feedback regularly, can be effective, yet insiders may be at a distinct disadvantage of getting an accurate picture. There are many options to consider when seeking corrective actions and utilizing a third-party for assessments can provide a more accurate reading on a variety of situations, ultimately leading to turning ineffective practices into high impact performance gains. Assessments can be applied to a variety of business areas.

In many organizations if not all, it is extremely difficult to get a clear picture of what is going on in your own organization, because people act differently when management is involved and asking questions. So by having a third party enegaged to assess and advise can be a fast track to understanding what may be broken or what needs to be adjusted. Recommended corrective actions quickly surface as a result.

Some of the questions that you may want to ask yourself that will help determine if an assessment may be in order.

– Are we closing all the sales that we anticipated were ours to win.

– Are we executing as planned, if not why not, and what are the contribuing factors.

– Is our messaging reasonating effectively with our prospect audience, is the sales team delivering it appropriately.

– Is our target market correct, if so, are our multiple talk tracks effective in building solution support.

– How about our presentations, are they well constructed to deliver the message properly, are we presenting it effectively, are we differentiating ourselves from the competition as intended.

– Do we use our sales methodology effectively, is it helping us increase our close ratio. Are we regularly missing info on deals, do we have a close strategy.

– Are we viewed as advisors to our prospects or are we adding just limited value. How do we change that.  Are we really building cross organizational support.

Assessments can quickly help identify areas where mis-matches may exist. Issues can be uncovered in numerous areas such as:

…..Sales Process…..go-to-market strategies… strategies…..attitude checks…..pricing…..customer satisfaction levels…..and many others.

SOA Assessments are generally short in duration initiatives which can be a very effective tool for the leadership team, as it provides confirmation or identifies areas worthy of taking corrective actions to insure improved performance can be realized.

Sales & Operational Assessments:

              • Sales Team / Staff
              • Sales Process
              • Territories
              • Channel Structure
              • Target Markets
              • Value Propositions
              • Morale/Attitude

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