Case Studies

businessman hand writing solutionSales and Operations Advisors,  offers advisory and project-based services helping businesses improve their effectiveness generating and scaling revenue. We assess, advise, coach and train on the many facets associated with driving high performance in both Sales & Marketing Operations. 
The Case Studies below are samples of our work. Some were short in duration others were longer term. Contact us to discuss your specific questions.  Case Studies:
  • Training – makes mid-staff impact

    Training – makes mid-staff impact

    CHALLENGE: A growing business was faced with educating their mid-level staff to insure they had a broader knowledge of business...

  • Sales / Profit Turnaround in 3 Quarters

    Sales / Profit Turnaround in 3 Quarters

    CHALLENGE: 10 year old B2B Software Company never reached profitability during its first 10 years in business. Venture backed, this...

  • $5M to $35M in 36 months.                  Leads to Lucrative Liquity Event

    $5M to $35M in 36 months.

    CHALLENGE: Grow Revenue Aggressively with no outside capital and a very limited sales organization. Evolve the business model to a...

  • Market Buzzing Over Start-up

    Market Buzzing Over Start-up

    CHALLENGE: UK based B2B Enterprise Mobile Application Software Company entering US market with start-up operation and no market presence. Adding...

  • David & Goliath

    David & Goliath

    CHALLENGE: B2B Enterprise Software Company (David) opens new regional sales operation in the Northeast and in the backyard of its...

  • Broken Sales Turned-around               Sales Performance – turned around. Revenue Up, Up, Up.

    Broken Sales Turned-around

    CHALLENGE: Negative attitudes, no depth on deal strategies, deal forecasting – too optimistic, limited cooperation between sales and marketing, false...