Depositphotos_7815349_originalChris (Sullivan) Mahoney, Business Development Manager, Kronos

While at Infinium, I worked directly with Steve and SOA for several years, I can speak to his skills, not only as an exceptional leader, but also to his unique ability to hire, mentor and develop strong, top performing sales teams. I have experienced first-hand his ability to turn around a sales team from under-performing to top performing, President’s Club achieving reps. He leads with a very strong team mentality; he leverages sales processes to achieve goals; and he collaborates effectively across the organization. He recognizes each individual for the skills they bring and the value they add to the overall team, and his priority is seeing that goals are exceeded. I think anyone that has ever worked within a Steve Carson organization will agree that his skills are unique in that he understands the importance of meeting or exceeding personal, as well as, team goals, and he ensures that everyone has the tools that they need to do that. I would work for Steve again without hesitation and I would highly recommend him to any organization considering taking their sales operations to the next level. His impact is immediate and great things will certainly be achieved.


Depositphotos_7813608_originalJames Kohl, VP Enablement – Oracle

Under Steve’s leadership and Sales & Operations Advisors other resources, Oracle launched the Manufacturing Applications Sales Organization on the East Coast. Steve built strong relationships internally and externall with clients. He attracted, built and retained strong sales team and put in place sales practices and strategic selling methods leading to exceptional business growth. He always delivers on his promises. I strongly recommend Steve as a Sales Leader and Sales&Operations Advisors as a great services organization.

results compass conceptual imageMark Ohrenberger, VP of Operations – DR2, LLC

I’ve worked with Sales & Operations Advisors and Steve Carson a few times. At Infinium, his work turned around a historically underperforming Sales Region, transforming it into a high energy, consistently top performing sales team. Changes were made in Sales Process, Deal Strategy, proper Value Proposition construction and presentation and ultimately led to much higher revenue streams from this group. These among other work efforts associated with heightened customer satisfaction made substantial impacts.

As a channel partner of Visibility Corporation, I experienced the positive turnaround work executed by Steve and Sales & Operations Advisors. Under his guidance, the Company re-engineered itself and re-emerged as a strong ERP player in all aspects – Sales, Marketing, Services, Product and Finance.

BigStk-Business-hand-drawing-graph-38545417John Nugent, CEO Visibility Corporation

Steve and I worked together at two different high growth highly successful companies. In both cases, he proved effective at developing consensus amongst diverse resources. He builds strong prospect and customer relationships and was effective in building and managing both direct and indirect channels. He understands technology and is capable of building sales and marketing strategies that translate into improved operating results.