Best Practice Perspectives

Each business is unique in its products offered, markets targeted, and approaches to reach its prospective audience. Taking a business snapshot in time, to understand the “operational state”, with special attention on Sales and Marketing, tells alot about the readiness of every business’ ability to succeed. That readiness is what SOA focuses on to help clients be as effective and equipped as possible in reaching their target market, revenue goals, and objectives of the key stakeholders. Critically important in each situation is establishing and executing sales and marketing strategies and associated practices that consider all key factors that play to the sales/marketing/business strengths and minimize the weaknesses. All need to be integrated into a cohesive strategy that is effective and fits within the capital structure and budget limits of the business.

Complex sales cycles require preparedness across a broad group of disciplines. Critical to success is ensuring the sales organization is executing those disciplines effectively and that sales (direct & channel) and marketing are operating in complete alignment across the entire sales continuum. From go-to-market strategy, business development to value proposition discovery, prospect development and strategy, through negotiation and closure of practice - business concept in silver grey gearwheels

Best Practice Preparedness, can be fast tracked or enhanced from its current state by leveraging expertise that comes from practical experience and a success track record where similar preparedness was instumental in driving optimal effectiveness in Sales and Marketing. Sales and Operations’ managing principal, brings a unique blend Executive Management (President & CEO) and Sales Management (VP Sales & Marketing). This  experience provides broad insight and a balanced perspective to overall business operations, which few sales executives experience. Responsibilities included: strategic planning, financial management, product development, marketing, implementation & integration services, customer support and international operations.In his Sales Leadership roles, Carson actively drove revenue growth in a number of different business models. They ranged from start-ups with VC funding, start-ups (bootstrapped) with no outside funding, emerging businesses with some established revenue but not a dominant player, and mature market leading firms.

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