Who We Are

Experienced Scaling Revenue and Improving Sales Performance.

Our Team brings over three decades of success growing start-ups, emerging businesses and taking mature sales organizations to higher levels. Our experience in numerous leadership positions includes: VP Sales, VP Sales & Marketing, VP Services & Alliances, CEO-Chief Executive Officer.

Driven – to help our clients achieve improved sales effectiveness.

Sales effectiveness done right, requires constant practice and attention to detail. When executed properly revenue expectations are met and substantial business momentum is generated. Synergies between Sales, Marketing, Support and Finance are engaged. We are motivated to have each of our clients reach those higher levels.

Real World Sales Know-how.

Our approach is straight-forward. Assess what’s working and not, establish a plan and immediately adjust those areas which offer the biggest benefits in the shortest period of time. We have the know-how and understanding of making impactful changes stick. We guide realistically, provide focused approaches and actionable deliverables.

Our Capabilities

A Few Words About Us

Sales and Operations Advisors helps businesses of all types and sizes get the most effectiveness possible from their Sales Efforts. We are an advisory and services business with proven credentials, skilled at helping start-ups, emerging businesses and divisions of mature Companies scale their revenue, improve sales disciplines and perform consistently at higher levels.

Our focus helps organizations scale revenue effectively and to do that requires operational practices that drive sales effectiveness, yielding consistent performance and revenue generation that meets plan. Our services include assessments, with actionable plans leading to improvements in sales methods, processes, messaging, business development approaches, go-to-market strategies, deal strategies, pricing models, and channel approaches. Additionally, we assist the Sales Management / Operational side by ensuring management best practices include; proper management cadence, tracking and monitoring, coaching methods, use of meaningful sales metrics, leveraging CRM systems, and forecasting approaches to improve accuracy.


Our Work Team