Q?Is any project too small?

BigStk-Hand-drawn-chart-successfactors-4947218No. Generally each initiative is based around a specific challenge. Some are very short in duration to determine an effective approach going forward.

Some client requirements are a few hours per week. Others initiatives require multiple weeks in duration.

It really is client specific and we work closely with each of our clients to determine what makes good business sense for them.

Q?What about Marketing – do your services also cover the marketing requirements?

Yes. Very often our assessment work leads to challenges that cross both sales and marketing areas.

We see marketing initiatives that cover areas such as:

– Go-to-Market Strategies

– Lead generation practices

– Web & social marketing

– Public Relations / Press tour prep / Road show messaging

Q?Does SOA services also include any training?

Yes, in addition to advisory services, we also provide coaching, interim management, project based work and training. Training covers numerous topics such as:

– Sales MethodologiesBigStk -Menu-board for-Success-28445522

– Deal Strategies

– Constructing Effective Value Propositions and ROIs

– Financial Management Tools

– Operations and Project Management

– Entrepreneur’s Workshop

– Quality Management

Q?Do you provide software selection guidance?


Having extensive experience in the Enterprise Software Industry, SOA has first-hand knowledge of many of the B2B software solutions and Vendors who offer them. Additonally, we understand the Pro’s and Con’s of each and key elements that need to be a part of your selection process. In addition to selection guidance, we can also guide with best price / contract negoiations.

Q?What’s your question?

Send us an email or give us a call. Let us know, what’s important to you.